Corflo-Ultra Lite Nasogastric Feeding Tube

Part Number COR209228
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Corflo-Ultra Lite Nasogastric Feeding Tube
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CORFLO ULTRA NG TUBE 8FR 22-NS CORFLO-ULTRA Lite Clear NG: Designed for insertions where anti-clogging and ease of insertion are critical - the ULTRA anti-clog outlet port significantly reduces the occurrence of clogging. Features of CORFLO Controller Feeding Tubes (Non-Weighted): PROXIMAL Y-SITE: Universal. Accepts both Luer and Oral syringes. No need to disconnect feeding system in order to irrigate, aspirate, or administer meds. CATH TIP ADAPTOR: Accepts cath tip syringe. Caps off Y-site when feeding tube is disconnected from administration set. Embossed with CORPAK and length, both in inches and centimeters. COLOR-CODED FLOW-THROUGH STYLET CONNECTOR: Brown equals 55, Blue equals 43, Pink equals 36, Yellow equals 22, White equals 15. Safety feature. Will not place longer stylet with shorter tube. Ability to aspirate and irrigate without removal of stylet. Braided design reduces stylet removal friction. Loop tip eliminates blunt end. Terminates in front of bolus so stylet cannot accidentally emerge through exit port. POLYURETHANE: Excellent for long-term intubation. Maximum strength and kink resistance. Does not collapse on aspiration. Eliminates tissue irritation or reaction. Offers larger lumen than silicone or PVC. Resistant to gastric juices. RADIOPAQUE: Entire tube completely visual under X-ray and fluoroscopy. CENTIMETER MARKS ON THE LENGTH OF THE TUBE: Aids in placement and to check migration. C-19 WATER ACTIVATED LUBRICANT (Hydrophilic): Aids in insertion and provides greater patient comfort by coating and protecting nares. Facilitates the removal of the stylet by minimizing the coefficient of friction. CORFLO-ULTRA ANTI-CLOG BOLUS: (Weighted or Non-Weighted) NG. OUTLET PORT LARGER THAN INTERNAL DIAMETER OF THE TUBE, WHICH PROMOTES AN OPTIMAL FLUID FLOW. Outflow through the unique exit port is unimpeded. No slots, holes, ridges, or right angles to trap solids or congealed feeding materials. Length and recessed shape of the tube exit port facilitates aspiration by minimizing the possibility for mucousal suction. CORFLO-ULTRA LITE AND ULTRA CLEAR (Non-Weighted) NG. Provides maximum ease of insertion. Provides an option for clinical situations where a weight may not be required. Available in clear polyurethane in pediatric sizes. 10/Case.
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